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M.H.Panhwar  Farms


Our Vision is to proactively integrate best Agricultural Practices so that we may get the best possible results and Developments in the field of Agriculture/Horticulture to benefit future generations of Agriculturists in the Country.

Mission: Our mission is to offer unique experiences and Introduce New Practices for everyone, by providing the best Fruits/Vegetables and to achieve the sustainable development goals including maximum yield per acre.


• To Promote the Organic Farming.

• To transform the Agricultural Practices on modern trends.

• To provide the assistance to Growers to get maximum output/Yields.

• To protect and take care of Nature and Environment.

The objective is to face food security challenges and support to national economy, making agriculture cost effective, knowledge based, with emphasis on farmer’s welfare and maintenance of the high yield potentials.

Introduction M. H. Panhwar (Founder):

Muhammad Hussain Panhwar (1925-2007) popularly known as M. H. Panhwar was born on 25 December 1925 in Village Ibrahim Katchi, District Dadu Sindh. Professionally he was Mechanical Engineer and specialized in ground water development, earth moving, agricultural machinery, water logging, salinity control drainage and agriculture. He worked with government of Sindh and West Pakistan as Agriculture Engineer for 12 years. From 1970 onwards till his demise in 2007 he ran a consulting company specializing in irrigation, water logging, drainage, agriculture, scientific equipment and horticulture. He had written 10 books on ground water in Sindh and many articles on Thar and Kohistan deserts of and engineering. Among his literary the work worth mentioning here is Source Material on Sindh, Chronological Dictionary of Sindh, An Illustrated Historical Atlas of Soomra Kingdom of Sindh, Six Thousand Years of History of Irrigation in Sindh, Water Requirement of Riverain Area of Sindh, Ground Water in Hyderabad and Khairpur Divisions, Languages of Sindh between rise of Amri and Fall of Mansura i.e. 5000 years ago to 1025 A.D., History of Irrigation in Sindh, Early Irrigation under British 1843-1932, Mango Production in Pakistan, Suitable Methods as Applied to Raising Fruit Crops, and his "Autobiography". He was also awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the president of Pakistan on his work on the “Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV).

Historical Background of M H Panhwar Farm:

In 1964, M. H. Panhwar established an agriculture farm on 110 Acres as a horticulture farm near Tando Jam. The ultimate aim of this farm was to promote the horticulture fruits in Sindh and Pakistan in order to meet the national and international agriculture market. Later on, this was converted into a research farm for introducing new fruit crops suiting climate of Sindh, in 1985 and has developed many new varieties of fruit crops, which includes Mangoes, Lychee and many others which are rare in Pakistan.

Mr. Panhwar is best known for his astonish work on cost effective organic farming. He produced wide range of research articles and manuals on fruits, nuts, livestock, Fish Farming, Prawn farming, dairy products and industrial crops. He also introduced the techniques to cultivate the crops in saline soil, in this perspective he worked on the 48 crops varieties which can be grown with maximum yield and profitability in Saline Land.

Introduction to Farms:

Currently, Panhwar Farms possess more than 800 Acres land. The major fruits include Mango, Lychee, Banana and Jackfruit. However other fruits include Papaya, Lemon, Grape fruits, Grapes, Figs and etc. The aim of this farm is to explore the best agricultural practices in a systematic and scientific way. M.H. Panhwar Farm is not only working on Agriculture Farming but also taking efforts to promote Agri. Tourism. The ultimate goal of farms is to achieve the NDGs and SDGs by socio-economic empowerment, to uplift the rural communities and environment protection. Moreover, this Farms is also working on soil management, water resource management, and biotechnology and conducting training workshops and short courses in order to spread the scientific knowledge among the local Farmers, growers and landlords. Sites/Locations of Panhwar Farms:

• M. H. Panhwar Farms, Deh Abri, Khesana Mori, Tando Jam, Hyderabad. 110 Acres

• Panhwar Farm 2, Deh Miano, Hatri, Hyderabad Sindh. 160 Acres

• Panhwar Farm 3, Deh Baodero, Sekhat,Matiari, Sindh. 50 Acres

• Panhwar Farm 4, Magan Mor, Girhor Sharif Road, Mirpurkhas, Sindh. 550 Acres.

The Core Functions:

• Introducing new and Modified Varieties of Fruits and Vegetable and Promoting for Commercial level.

• Encouraging growers to build fruit orchards in order to contribute in national economy.

• To increase the national exports of Mangoes and other fruits.

• Adopting and implementing eco-friendly agricultural technology.

• Conducting trainings and workshops to increase manpower in agriculture sector.

• Taking efforts for water resource management and its proper utilization.

• Agricultural consultations. Major Fruit Varieties at M. H Panhwar Farms:

• 40 Varieties of Mangoes ( Approximately 200 Acre) • 2 Varieties of Lychee (15 Acres)

• 2 Varieties of Banana( 50 Acre)

Special Varieties of Mangoes at M.H. Panhwar Farms:

The following are special varieties of Mango grown at the Farm.

• Glenn (Originated from Florida)

• Brooks ( Originated from Florida)

• R2E2 (Originated from Australia)

• Keitt (Lal Badshah) • Turpentine

• Early Gold(Originated from Florida)

• SadaBahar

• Sonaro (Genetically modified and weighs over 2.00 kg)

• Momi K

• Popplet

• Zillen

Other Fruits at M.H. Panhwar Farms:

• Jackfruit (Local Name Kathal)

• Figs (Anjeer)

• Lemon

• Grape Fruit (Local Chakotra)

• Jujube (25 Acre)

• Jamon

• Chikku

• Papaya

• Carambola

• Gauva (5 Acres)

• Lime

• Grapes

Vegetables at Panhwar Farms:

• Ladyfinger

• Brinjal

• Pulses

• Cauliflower

• Onion

• Tomato

• Chilies

Other Regular Crops at Panhwar Farms:

• Cotton

• Wheat

• Moringa (10 Acres)

• Sirenh

• Rice

• Pearl Millet (Bajra)

• Maize • Barley (Joo)

• Mustard (Sarson)

• Sugarcane

• Medicinal and Herbals

M.H Panhwar Farms Nursery:


• Agricultural consultations

• Soil and land management

• Fruit orchards plantation and grafting

• Agricultural trainings and workshops.

• Offering internships in the field of Agriculture

Contact Number: +92 300 3087930