Press Release


Establishment of the M. H. Panhwar (Muhammad Hussain Panhwar) Memorial Chair in the University of Sindh Jamshoro


The Chairman M.H.P. Trust, Mr. Sani Panhwar has thanked the University of Sindh for establishing M.H Panhwar Memorial Research Chair. The Trust greatly appreciates the personal commitment and dedication of the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Mazhar ul Haq Siddiqui to create conducive Research & Development infrastructure.  It is hoped that the establishment of M.H. Panhwar Memorial Research Chair will augment the research and development initiatives taken by the Vice Chancellor University of Sindh.


1.       The objective of establishment of the M H Panhwar Chair is to provide state-of-the-art research infrastructure and environment to the scholars and students to conduct research activities and to preserve and disseminate the scholarly research work of M.H. Panhwar and his personal books collection. Mr. Panhwar left behind probably the largest personal collection of its kind on Sindh with some 12,000 books, systematically arranged subject-wise and in chronological order of events and similar number of technical books. 


2.       The M. H Panhwar trust will on its own expense construct a fully functional modern library and research center on the premises University of Sindh Jamshoro Campus and will also bear the running expenses to meet day-to-day expenses of the Chair. The trust in collaboration with the University of Sindh will institute research projects and programs to promote the research and development.  The library will house the books of Mr. M. H Panhwar and will add more books for researchers and scholars.


3.       In second phase, the Trust would add a multipurpose auditorium having sitting capacity of at least hundred people and two rooms’ dorms facility for scholars. The memorial Chair will honor the achievements and the visionary approach of the Mr. M. H. Panhwar by continuing his mission even after his demise. The rich profile and scholarly contributions of Mr. M.H Panhwar can be read at




Sani Panhwar


M. H. Panhwar Trust

September 28, 2008