Recommended Cultural Practices for Mango in Sindh Truth or Myth

M.H. Panhwar


A number of myths concerning mango production prevail in Pakistan as well as the whole South-Asia. Below are a few of them.

Myth:               Earlier the flowering more is yield.

Truth:               Early flower may predominantly be males and limited females or hermophrodites yield less.

Myth:               Mangoes flower less if water is not stopped and yield is reduced.

Truth:               In subtropical Pakistan there is enough chill to cause stress that mangoes flower without stopping water for 2-3 months before flowering. Stopping water creates extra unwanted stress and invariably there is heavy fruit drop in April-May in Sindh and May-June in the Punjab when high wind velocities occur. 

Myth:               Mango does not fruit well without use of Farm Yard Manure.

Truth:               Sindh soils are alkaline with pH of 7.8  and above and invariably there is deficiency of micro elements like zinc, copper, iron, manganese and boron. Manure lower pH of soil which is in direct contact with it and allows micro-nutrients and phosphate up take from soil, but for adequate and year around supply of macro and micro-nutrients, 40 tons of manure are needed a year. The same result can be achieved by dumping chopped weeds, straw, bark or green manure crops. Micro-nutrients can be sprayed on the trees as cheapest alternative in one or two annual instalments, along with insecticides and pesticides.

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