Fisheries policy for Sindh  

 M.H. Panhwar

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Fishermen have genuine complaints against boat owners who pay them nominal return for the staying long hours and days at the seas.

We would change fishing policies at the sea, sea creeks, river, ponds and inland fisheries. The interference of Rangers at sea lakes, creeks and even river mouth will be with drawn as these fishermen are no defense risk.

Export policy of fisheries is meant to earn foreign exchange, but it shall not be at the cost of fish needs of local populations local shortages, high local costs, low export prices and low returns to fishermen. The net sizes will be enforced that young fishings are able to escape from nets to grow and fish sources are not depleted.

The ban on Challies in Karachi fish harbor will be relaxed to the extent that chally nets have adequate spacing to allow finger fish to escape to grow.

All fine nets called Bula, Guja and Katra will be totally banned in coastal areas. Minimum salaries will be fixed for fishing crew on daily working hours or days and night spent on boats. Fishing rights of local fishermen will be recognized. Deep sea fishing irregularities and sales to foreign ship on high seas will be stopped.

The exploitation by middle men of poor fishing labour will be handled adequately. The fishermen’s own organizations will also be consulted white formulating rules.

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