Meat shortage in Sindh and some measures  

M.H. Panhwar

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There is a continuous reduction of meat on per capita basis since creation of Pakistan. At one time we were exporters of meat and today situation has reversed. We do have resources but are not organized to handle the problem. Thar and Kohistan of Sindh and riverain areas are our large producers of goats, sheep and cattle, but growers do not get adequate returns as famine conditions repeat twice in every eleven years, when people move out and abandon animals to die especially in Thar, where animals cannot walk 50-80 miles without food and water and perish. The number of causalities can hit 500,000 cattle and 1,500,000 sheep and goats every fifth year. Their cost is billions of rupees. If we can save them by transporting them out of area fast enough, the gain would be 5-6 billion rupees. Any plan to supply feed to cattle in remove area is bound to fall miserably, as amount of feed needed is many folds, the weigh of animals.

These animals would also be brought from the desert areas for fattening before selling for meat or exporting. This is another aspect of economy we have higher to not think of.

In terms of meat for export or local use, slaughter houses can be established on the margins of desert areas. This way we can transport larger quantities of meat to urban area for local use or export at cheaper rates than available now and yet improve local economy and alleviate rural poverty.

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