Land development policy in Sindh

                           M.H. Panhwar

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The land development policy will be irrigation water oriented, reclamation of previously fertile but now deserted lands and land abandoned due to water logging and salinity for long time or to non-availability of irrigation water including riverain areas and land gone out of cultivation due to lack of annual floods in the Indus. The following will in general be the approach to land development policy.

  1. Whatever land has gone out of cultivation due to water logging and salinity will be developed by suitable drainage techniques.
  1. Use of Pancho water and draining it into low lycing areas has not increased yield but made such depressions unfertile and this accounts for 25-30% of total in the rice area. Construction of RBOD will be expedited and such lands reclaimed by removal of salts. It will be an easy task as removal of salts by flashing will coincide with inundation season and no salt damage will occur on the down stream side of lands being reclaimed. Some of these depressions if deep, after reclamation can be converted into fish ponds.
  1. Riverain area lands will be developed by tube-wells, wherever fresh water is available and by surface water from adjoining canals of barrage area wherever ground water is brackish.
  1. Encouragement will be given to Sailabi cultivation in Kohistan, Kachho, nara and Thar areas and for this purpose, equipment and technical know-how will be made available.
  1. Special programs will be initiated in Thatta district, where lot of agriculture and pasture land has gone out of cultivation due to high tide waters reaching Thatta, Sajawal Bridge in the bed of the river and seeping into adjoining fields as well as into riverain areas.
  1. Natural lakes existing in rice area will be filled up with fresh water during summer and used for irrigation of winter crops fish and water loving economic crops.
  1. Wherever fresh ground water is available it will be used for development of lands in the area.  

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