Destruction of protected archaeology sites in Sindh  


M.H. Panhwar

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There is systematic and continuous destruction of protected archaeological sites in Sindh, going unnoticed during past 20 years, due to disinterest and negligence. Following are a few glaring examples:

The above are just a few examples of how the past history and culture is being destroyed in front of our own eyes, in a short space of past 20 years.

Archaeological Survey of India and also of the Western Circle (under which Sindh came), declared many archaeological sites as protected. This does not mean their legal ownership by the Archaeological Department of Pakistan. The land belongs to Government of Sindh and through its Board of Revenue; it is sold, transferred or allotted to various users. The Archaeological Department has to get survey numbers of such sites from Directors of Survey and Settlement at Hyderabad or Sukkur, apply to the Sindh Board of Revenue, who in turn will ask respective Revenue Officers of 3 Barrages at Hyderabad and Sukkur, to allot the land to the Archaeological Department. The Archaeological Department then, has to have prepare entries made in Revenue Registers, in various Mukhtiarkars offices. Once the ownership is established the encroachments can legally be vacated. Mere letters to Governor, Chief Minister and commissioners can not help.

This is an appeal to all concerned to save our national heritage and the past.

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