Dooms day or qayamat is coming, a prediction  

Autobiography of M.H. Panhwar

(First ten years of my life seventy chapters, 250 pages.)


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In the month of Ramzan 1351 AH and probably around second week of January 1932, a circular was received by my grand-father, which as I recollect vidily read as under:

“I  Sayed Haji Ahmed son of Haji Abdullah of Al-Madina Al-Munawar hereby inform all the believers in God and Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (MPGBUH) AND Islam that on 1st Ramzan 1351 AH, when I was sleeping in the Rozat-ur-Rasul (Prophets’ masoleum) and the Prophet himself told me in my dreams to convey to all members of Umat-i-Rasul that Qayamat will come in the year 1356 AH, on 30th Shahban and that will be the last day of yours on this earth. However before that Yajooj and Majuj (Yagag and Magag) will appear like locusts and will eat away every green vegetative matter trees, shrubs, grasses, weeds, grains and squatic vegetative like locusts and will also wipe out all insects and many animals and the world will turn into scorching desert. This will be followed by the appearance of Dajal, a two horned beast whose horns or antlers will be as wide as the earth itself and it will indiscriminately kill animals and those human beings who are sinners, but many sinners will still be left to face Qayamat. On 30th Shahban will start the doom’s day itself. The sun will come close to the earth and stand only one mile above it. Sun will melt all metals, iron, human made railway lines, trains, engines, ships, bridges etc. Surprisingly aeroplanes were not monitored. It will be so hot that water on the land and in the seas will turn into steam and both sun and stem will burn the human-being sinners. The day will be very long and under heat you will be roasted and almost reduced to ashes, but not die. Only those who are true believers in God and Islam and have offered prayers, observed fasts and performed Haj, will not feel any discomfort on that day. I Sayed Ahmed therefore want to inform you in the name of Prophet Muhammad (mpgbuh) that from today onwards you give up interest in wordly things i.e., purchase of property and accumulation of wealth, but instead resort Khairat, Zakat, Niaz, Salat and Ibadat and read Quran, Hadith, Maalud, and do Zikir, Fikir and etc.”

“Further to this, if you make ten copies of this circular and without mentioning your name and send to ten different persons, you will not suffer on doom’s day because of delivering the message of the Prophet. Each reader is obliged to made ten copies of this message of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and circulate and if he fails to do it, curse of the God will fall on him and he will be worst sufferer on the last day of this earth.”

My grand-father read it and told my father to make ten copies, which he sent to ten

villages namely Kiriat, Jakhpari, Nasrani, Nao-Goth, Purano Dero, Jhatial etc. One copy was left in the house which I read for some years. My father and uncle were sent to deliver this message. They were happy that for this plous act, they will escape the sufferings on the last day of the earth itself.

I was frightened by the story as a whole,but was also afriad that soon I am going to eaten up by Yajooj-Majuj, but if I survive I am going to starve for want to food and wait to be thrown up in the skies on horns of Dajal. However if at all I survive, I am going to be roasted by the sun. I felt that all this injustice was due to no fault of mine at all. I liked life as well as world, which was a fun and that will be gone before I became eleven years old. I also felt sorry for my mother, father and other members of family and my toys and books, as they burn up before my own eyes.

Soon after these circulars, Waiz Maulavi Aamaruddin of Shikarpur and Maulavi Muhammad Suleman Noonari of Tharirhi Muhabat, them were invivted on two different dates by Wadero Allah Warrayo to our village and their fees paid by him. They lectured in the mosque almost untill mid night about Aiamat in the same tone as in the circular but in great details, told the peole to prepare for the next World by not hinking of property making but rather by poverty and hardship, so that they earn better deal in the eyes of the God, failing which they would go to hell be roasted alive in fire for thirty million years. Maulavi Suleman was a good stage actor. He would make people weep and cry by describing hardship to Imam Hussain at Karbala and next would narrate love story of Yousif Zuleka and make people laugh. Their lectures ended with half an hours prayer requesting God Almighty to give long life and prosperity to Wadero Allah Warrayo and his family. My mother and auntie heard them and being frightened, started to pray five times a day, but soon gave up. I heard two three such lectures (Waiz) in 1933-1935. This coincided with Wadero’s purchase of Sukkur Barrage lands near our village virtually secretly, specially there were no buyers form the village due to role played by the two Maulavis.

Some thirty years later, I was told that these circulars were engineered, so that poor landless villagers of Sindh should not take to purchase of five million acres of the govenrment agricultural land expected to be released after opening of Sukkur barrage and zamindars as well as out-siders wanted to grab more land.

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