Letter to Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah



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Madison, Wisconsin U.S.A.                                                                                                                   Dated 18th April 1980



My dear Shah Saheb,


            I could not contact your before I left for which I am sorry. You probably were not in Karachi any how after I met you on the 14th March.


            In England I visited royal Geographical Society, British museum, and India offices to list out historical maps of Sindh of British period. The list runs in 500. These are in addition to about 500 maps, I have in my collection.


            The Indians have done lot of work in the Rajasthan Desert. Here in U.S.A. I contacted the American Geographical Society to get the details of this work, I have collected most of these articles and they could be utilized for development of Thar Desert and even Kohistan. The Material runs into 5000 pages all of which. I have photo copied from different places and American Geographical Society.


            I did not have your address. I had Hardy’s article with me which I failed to deliver to you in Karachi. Today I got the address from Your Journal in the University of Wisconsin. They have only seven (7) copies. The U. S. Councilors purchases Sixteen (16) copies one of which comes to University of Wisconsin. Safdar (of everyman) is not doing a good job. You have to find better contact. University of Wisconsin also keep Sindhi book from Pakistan but the number hardly exceeds 500. Some Indian Sindhi works in Sindhi are also available, but quality is extremely poor compared to work being done in Sindh.


            They have one most beautiful work on Palaentologice of Sindh running in to 500 pages with pictures in pencil on more than 100 plates of size 18”x12” printed between 1870-1884. I had not seen it before. I felt it a crime to Photo copy it and spoil its binding. It is their property but on our Sindh. My son will have it micro filmed and we could then develop photographs to original size.


            I would leave for London in a day or two. If doctors do not detain me I will be in Karachi before end of the month but everything depends on their findings.


            After visit to U.K. and U.S.A, I have found that for all type of development they make use of geography which now has scores of branches including town planning. It would help great deal if we establish Sindh geographical Association, and use it to our advantage. I think you have ability to collect proper people on one platform and collect some funds to start a journal. I think the letter is getting too long.



With greater regard.



Your Sincerely







BOOK                                    SINSDH QUARTERLY


VOLUME                              VIII   1980  NO  2


PAGE                                     59


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