Bifurcation of agriculture services


M. H. Panhwar

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Pakistan separated Agriculture Education from Agriculture Research and Agricultural Extension in 1962 and established colleges and  universities of agriculture as independent bodies..


Previously all these three were combined. Presently libraries are with universities Agriculture Research and Agriculture Extension have no libraries except small collection. There is no interaction between three organisation.


Agricultural universities need no advanced books and literature connected with research and only a few books have been imported since 1965. There too are limited to basic education and not research.


Else where for example in USA, Canada, UK and Europe, Australia there are combined under same organisation. In USA even professors both research and extension.


Do not you think that:


(a)     It was wrong that to separate the three functionaries of the organisation.

(b)    Standards of all 3 Education, Research and Extension or have gone down in past 40 years.

(c)     Donít you think it was a wrong policy.


Is it a fact that Pakistan is not making full use of its climate, soil and water by in correct agriculture polices for following reasons?


(a)   Climate of Pakistan is like that of California, where concentration is on value added crops like:


I.        Fruits.

II.     Vegetables.

III.   Animal feed.

IV.  Animal husbandry.


b)     However Pakistan concentrates on field crops like wheat, rice, cotton, sugar-cane and fodder etc.


c)     Pakistanís yields are about 25% of those in California.


d)     Donít you think, we are not growing crops suiting our climate?


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