Up-grading Hospital Facilities in Sindh


M. H. Panhwar

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There are five major Government college hospitals and also a number of government hospitals one each at the District headquarters throughout Sindh. They do not have the latest diagnostic equipment facilities with the result that, at the district level people do not get proper diagnosis and are compelled to rush to Karachi, pay heavy charges in the private hospitals and in general be fleeced by high service charges. Opening up of number of private colleges with a few diagnostic machines have raised their reputation but to great disadvantage to the common man who is compelled to go there. It is therefore proposed to equip the government hospitals attached to the colleges and also district hospitals to a level that patient are not rushed to Karachi. It is also found that due to lack of facilities in the government hospitals, many influential and high officials manage to go abroad at the government cost for the treatment. The government colleges and hospitals are well staffed but not well equipped, and many of them have to use private hospitals are well staffed but not well equipped, and many of them have to use private hospitals for their patients. In such cases it is private hospital which makes most of the money and the doctors being government employees get their normal fees. Many of government doctors thus are frustrated, whereas general public blames them for disinterest.

It is proposed to make a survey of the government as well as some leading private hospitals with regards to existing diagnostic and laboratory facilities and worked the requirements of each government hospital attached to college or at district level and workout the equipment they lack. Based on this to recommend the detail of facilities to be provided. It may also be advisable to carry-out survey of some hospitals at Islamabad and Lahore to check what additional equipment may be brought. Survey would involve consultants mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers as well as some doctors specializing laboratory as well as diagnostic equipment. The survey would take 3-4 months.

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