What to look for in selection of mangoes for your orchard in Pakistan



M.H. Panhwar

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Fruit characteristics.

        Good colour, attractive appearance, market appeal (yellow orange or red but not green).

        Acceptable local and international market size of 300-500 grams.

        Good taste, no turpentine smells, firm to extend shelf life.

        Long shelf life.

        Good transport characteristics.

        No internal break downs like soft nose, stem end rot (Shakh) and bacterial black spot.

        Reduced incidence of sap burn.


Tree characteristics.

        Regular bearer year after year.

        High yields.

        Dwarf tree, occupying minimum area, large number of trees/acre and fruit.

        Tree resistance to adverse climatic conditions like high velocity winds, frost and flooding.

        Fruit in clusters or more than two fruits per panicle.

        Tree resistance to diseases like anthracnose, powdery mildew, malformation and bacterial black spot.

        Short juvenile period, i.e., early first crop.

        Very early or very late.

        High price per kg of fruit, high yield per tree, large number of trees per acre and highest income per acre.

        Ease of harvest, fruit production on lowest branches.

        Ease of cultural practices like dead wood removal, spraying for nutrient and disease control.

        Tree with open branches to allow entry of sun light and wind to pass through.

        Non-vigorous tree allowing one good post-harvest vegetative flush and 2-3 flushes a year when juvenile.

        Spreading rather than upright tree.

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