Justice of Justice Munir


M.H. Panhwar

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Somewhere in 1956/57 or 1957/58,  I accompanied by Dr. A.M. Shaikh, Director Agriculture West Pakistan went to see Kazi Fazalullah, Minister Irrigation Government of West Pakistan, at his Lahore residence. He had a VIP visitor and therefore sent us a word sit out in the lawn and have a drink before he join us.

        The visitor was Justice Muneer, Chief Justice of Supreme Courts of Pakistan. After he was gone Kazi Fazalullah told us, “Justice Muneer had come with a request that I should get Haider Bukash Jatoi, arrested, because in his booklet “Justice of Chief Justice”. He has insulted me. In this book Haider Buksh Jatoi has criticised the Justice Muneer’s, Judgement in Mallavi Tamizuddin’s case, up holding Governor General Ghullam Muhammad’s action of proragging 1954 Constitution. Haider Bukash Jatoi has framed strong arguments against the judgement and has sent the first copy to Justice Muneer to have a look at it and take action if any, before he releases the book. He came with a request that I involve Haider Babask Jatoi in some criminal cases “Kazi Fazalullah said, “I told him to initiate contempt proceedings against him. Justice Muneer replied  “For starting contempt proceedings I have to lodge a complaint to which is to be heard by other judges. It would amount to defending my judgement and I can not say what will be the attitude of other judges and general public, but leaving a side that part, scandalous reports will appear in the news papers and many advocates will join in, for fun”. Kazi Fazullah told Justice Muneer that he and his party had political difference with Haider Bakash Jatoi for past 10 years, but at no time we had ever imagined of involving him in any criminal case and we can not do it without deposing ourselves to serious criticism from our voters. Sindhi Intelligentsia and local media. In his own right he is in case intellectual bold writer and respected as such. A criminal case against him will be ridiculed.

        Haider Bakash Jatoi has lands near Bakarni and in these years he often visited me in connection with a bulldozer working with him. I narrated   the story to him and he confirmed, “I had sent justice Muneer the first copy and had asked to him that if he does not take action against me within a few weeks. I will release the bulletin. Not hearing from him I released the booklet two month later. A few weeks later he delivered me the booklet.

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