Failure of Sindh in modernizing agriculture


M.H. Panhwar

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The Agriculture Department in Sindh has railed to contribute to modernizing of agriculture in this province. Main reason for this has been that between 1955 and 1994 only two Sindhis were sent abroad for Ph.D. by the Department of Agriculture and PARC sent one. For any research work on agriculture crops, Ph.Ds in these fields are necessary. Even for agriculture Extension Ph.D. are needed to use modern methods for Extension application and applying latest knowledge and techniques.

As against this Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam have large number of Ph.Ds and quite a few and them are trained in Europe and USA. Those with equivalent degree from local or Asiatic Universities are not able to contribute effectively.

The Sindh Agricultural University comes under Federal University Grants Commission and only the Vice Chancellor is a appointee of the Governor of Sindh. The Sindh Agriculture University Ph.Ds could easily be utilized for Research and Extension, if this University is transferred to the Government of Sindh. Presently we can not assess their merit, but if the University is transferred to Government of Sindh, we will have a chance to put them in to various capacities and assess their ability and may even create competition among them as there are a number of them in each field. In order to create interest they will be paid deputation allowances, when working in provincial Extension and Research. They will be financed by University Grants Commission but will work under administrative Control of Government of Sindh, who will also exercise financial control by organizing necessary funding from the University Grants Commission.

This matter may be brought to the notice of the Prime Minister for an urgent decision of Federal Government.

It is further proposed that a number of suitable candidates may be sent abroad from Department of Agriculture for M.Sc and Ph.D in the following fields:

*        Breeding of different fields. 

*        Subtropical Horticulture i.e., fruits, vegetables, ornamental and floriculture.

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